• Image of The 5 Way Split
  • Image of The 5 Way Split

Titled "5 Way Split," this newly released compilation album from First Step Records featuring all our favorite midwest artists is actually an 8 Way Split of profits towards causes such as Ukrainian Red Cross, RAMPD, CASA, Northeastern Community Fund, the Riley Gale Foundation, Hope for the Day, IncSpot, and the outdoor stage at Speakeasy Records & Oddities! Among the artists featured is Gaelynn Lea, who composed the music for Broadway's revival of "Macbeth" and rapper Add-2!

Track List:
1. Back in the Day (feat. Brittney Carter, Oliv Blu and Phonte)- Add-2
2. Breathe- Said Echo
3. H.A.B.- Puff, Puff, Poseidon
4. I Wait- Gaelynn Lea
5. CRAZY (feat. YAMIYO)- Co!e
6. Burn Out- Soy City Stranglers
7. Electric Get Down- Dai
8. Second Guessing- Ashley Riley
9. The Creek- The Hangovers
10. Soarin'- Matías Allende & Dalton Krum
11. the mechanic- Marble Teeth
12. Untitled 2- Riddle M
13. hello- AidanCal
14. Freak- Lennie Quest
15. Please Don't Show My Mom This- Molly Compton
16. Lillies in Hand- Priscilla Sabourin
17. alternative mindset- oatmilk
18. I Deserve This- Jimmee Music
19. Everybody Knows That (I Love My Wife)- Thackery Roy Newton
20. Realizing What's Important- Long Birds
21. You, Me, and This Brick Wall You Built Between Us- Safety? Always Off!