• Image of It's OK Not To Be OK
  • Image of It's OK Not To Be OK

A compilation album featuring 42 artists including Millikin students and alumni and bands from numerous cities. 50% of proceeds go to Hope for the Day, a nonprofit which works to support suicide prevention and awareness, and who partnered with First Step Records to create the album.
Comes with a free Hope for the Day wristband!

Track List:
1. Bound By A Thread- Gaelynn Lea
2. Sleeping With the Lights On- Paper Planes
3. I Know, I Know- Shannon Curtis
4. Saving Me- American Bombshell
5. Discomposure- RIG TIME!
6. Sun Rising- Ethos
7. Using Bayonets Instead- Mason's Case
8. Signal- Shxps
9. Unfiltered Anxiety- Izzy Glimco
10. Polaroid- Waves
11. Permanent Smiles- Logan Schildknecht
12. Shot Out the Saddle- Fireside Relics
13. Symbiosis- Local Motive
14. I Could Never- Molly Compton
15. Change- Jacob Tage
16. Winfield Vacation- Wild Jesus
17. The Walls- Scout Ripley
18. Leave It All Behind- Karoline Ciezczak
19. Bandit (ft. Kelsey Lawson)- Moses
20. Here Comes Lucy- Stardusk Encounter
21. Insights- Indrop
22. Para Ti Que Te Vas- Maryjo Romero
23. We (Live From Vanguard)- LOOPRAT
24. Battle of Crossed Keys- Sunshine Daydream
25. All I Need Is Me- Briz and Lady
26. Violent Light- Gardens
27. The WKND- Fly & Smooth
28. What Not to Say- Whoa Thunder
29. The Dropping Out of College Song- Gadget
30. Second Line- Boo Hag
31. Living- Tree One Four
32. The Struggle- Leon Lewis-Nicol
33. Waves (Reflection)- Christian Lyon Ft. PM Buys
34. Out of My Way- Jeff Quick
35. Star Of the War- Monofiction
36. Hard Candy- Austin Myers
37. Apathy- Marmora
38. Saturday Shuffle- Jack Mahoney
39. Limerence- ARVO
40. Town Walking- Dom Glimco
41. It's Got To Stop- Squirrel
42. The Spaghettisberg Address- This Is A Stick Up