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The Millikin University Latin Jazz Project performs
a variety of Afro-Caribbean music and funk influenced by the teachings of Cuban percussionist, Jose Eladio Amat Medina, percussion instructor at the National School for the Arts in Havana, Cuba. Traveling to Havana to study with him in August of 2010, Justison returned to Havana with his percussion students
in the spring of 2012 to take part in a one-week immersion study. ´╗┐´╗┐This disc represents the culmination of these efforts given voice (in large part) by the music of student composer, Simon

Track List:
1. Amigos Con Mojitos
2. Goin' With The Flow
3. African Skies
4. Utopia
5. Una Noche En La Habana
6. Some Skunk Funk
7. Come Candela
8. Armando's Rumba
9. B-52