• Image of Tudor Voices - In a Vale of Tears

In a Vale of Tears is the premiere recording by Tudor Voices, Millikin University’s ensemble for early music. It features two major works, the Stabat Mater by Domenico Scarlatti, and the Musikalische Exequien by Heinrich Schütz, both which are deep and moving reflections of death, grief, and acceptance. Scarlatti’s work is scored for ten vocal parts and continuo, using dissonances, suspensions, and coloratura passages to depict the profound pain felt by the Mother Mary weeping at the Cross. Schütz’s requiem is comprised of three sections, combining Biblical and poetic texts. The final section poignantly depicts the soul being brought to heaven by two angels. This small vocal ensemble, joined by harpsichord and cello, is directed by Dr. Daniel Carberg.

Track List:
1. Stabat Mater Dolorosa
2. Cujus Animam Gementem
3. Quis Non Posset
4. Eja Mater, Fons Amoris
5. Sancta Mater, Fons Amoris
6. Fac Ut Animae Donetur
7. Juxta Crucem Tecum Stare
8. Inflammatus Et Accensus
9. Face Ut Animae Donetur
10. Amen
11. Part I: Nacket Bin Ich Vom Mutterliebe Kommen, Swv 279
12. Part II: Herr, Wenn Ich Nur Dich Habe, Swv 280
13. Part III Herr, Nun Lassest Du Deinen Diener in Friede Fahren, Swv 281