• Image of Vespers 2012 - Sweet Music in the Night

In the growing blackness of our current world we may find our optimism blunted by wars and conflict. But as our eyes dim in the murky surroundings our ears can hear faint music, if we will but listen. Its healing airs restore and empower. Hopes are renewed and a bright future is seen. Vespers ’12: Sweet Music in the Night.

Track List:
1. The Dream Isaiah Saw
2. Ecce Virgo Concipiet
3. Matin Responsory
4. Ave Maria: A Choral Prayer
5. The Darkest Midnight In December
6. Sanctus
7. Magnificat
8. Ninye Otpuschayeshi
9. Hodie
10. There Is Faint Music In The Night
11. What Sweeter Music
12. This Little Babe 'Ceremony Of Carols
13. Angelus Ad Pastores
14. Go! Tell It!
15. One Small Child/We Three Kings
16. Carols Around The World
17. Then Christmas Comes
18. Alleluyah Sasa! He Is Born
19. Arise Your Light Has Come